What can you expect at Maryland Vein Professionals during your first visit?

On your first visit, you can expect to be greeted warmly at the front desk. We’ll bring you back, we’ll do an assessment. We do offer complimentary quick screenings, so that folks can come in and learn a little bit about vein disease and we can determine yes, no, maybe, is there a problem? If you come in for a full, formal venous assessment, this is covered by medical insurance, you will have an ultrasound scan. It’s pretty thorough, it lasts half an hour to 45 minutes and then you’ll meet with one of our providers and then we’ll talk about treatment options. Based upon the findings and the recommended treatments, we’ll schedule your treatment. We have a team of folks that looks at your insurance and determines eligibility and helps you work that maze of the insurance wonderland. Then we’ll get you scheduled. Depending on the insurance, the time takes some authorization. We’ll get you on the schedule within a week to a few weeks depending on your insurance. You have treatment, and then you’ll be back for a few follow up scans.

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