What percentage of people get varicose veins?

No one ever asked to have varicose veins. Varicose veins is sort of a disease of wear and tear on the human body. It comes from picking the wrong parents, living on Earth where there's gravity, having kids, and, to some degree, your profession.

Folks that are standing a lot, a leg immobility, sitting a lot. The number one profession we see is a tie between medical personnel and teachers, all the standing. We see a lot of folks in the restaurant industry. We see a lot of drivers. We see a lot of IT personnel.

It's not so much something that people ask for, like arterial disease, smoking and lifestyle choices and bad diets. Vein disease, it's just wear and tear and living on Earth. A lot has changed in the treatment process of vein disease. We used to have to do horrible things like vein stripping. Nowadays, we can have much more gentle treatments like vein closure, RF ablation that really addresses the source of the problem without all of the horrible surgeries.

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