Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MVP Advantage?
What can you expect at Maryland Vein Professionals during your first visit?
What causes varicose veins?
Can I have varicose veins if they’re not visible on my skin?
What percentage of people get varicose veins?
Are varicose veins a cosmetic issue or a medical problem?
Why do you get varicose veins during pregnancy?
How does Maryland Vein Professionals treat varicose veins?
How many procedures has Maryland Vein Professionals performed?
What is vein stripping vs. VNUS Closure?
What can you expect during your varicose vein procedure at Maryland Vein Professionals?
How long does the procedure take at Maryland Vein Professionals?
What is the recovery time for varicose vein treatments?
Will I have to take time off work for my treatments from Maryland Vein Professionals?
What can you expect at follow-up visits after varicose vein treatment?
Will my varicose vein treatment at Maryland Vein Professionals be covered by my insurance?
What are spider veins?
What causes spider veins?
What is sclerotherapy?

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