Physician Training Program

"The course offered by Dr Calure is nothing short of spectacular! The course content went way beyond the technical aspects of identifying and treating venous disease."

Chris Boyes, M.D. Vascular Surgeon, Charlotte, NC

Are you looking to start a vein care practice? Do you currently have a vein care practice and wish to take it to the next level? The MVP Physician Training course can help. Our unique two-day course includes all aspects of a high volume vein practice, including clinical procedure observation, venous system examination including ultrasound assessment, vein practice marketing, practice development and administration, practice start-up, and models for success in this competitive service line.

Board-certified cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Jonathan Calure was one of the first physicians in the Washington, DC-Baltimore-Annapolis region to perform Endovenous RF Ablation (a.k.a.The Venefit or VNUS Closure Procedure) and has since performed over 25,000 endovenous ablation procedures. Dr. Calure founded Maryland Vein Professionals in 2006 with the mission of being Maryland's Premier Vein Care Specialty practice. In the eleven years following, the practice has grown to 7 office locations with over 40 staff, including 7 Physicians, 4 nurse practitioners, a team of sclerotherapists and sonographers, a dedicated administrative and billing staff.


Dr. Calure has provided me a roadmap to starting a successful vein practice. With the information from the course I've identified many areas where I would have made several debilitating mistakes.... Thank you Dr. Calure for this invaluable experience and I will always remain in your debt.

Ryan Jones, D.O. General Surgeon, Phoenix, AZ

See Dr. Calure performing the VNUS Closure procedure on Fox 5 News

The two-day course is of benefit for the Physician who is looking to establish a new vein care practice as well as the physician who is looking to improve and grow their existing vein practice. This dynamic, on-site program encompasses a "soup to nuts" synopsis of how to establish and manage a high volume vein center.

Physicians will have the opportunity observe the conduct of endovenous ablation, to see sclerotherapy, to see the sonography and evaluation process in the setting of a high volume vein care practice. In addition to clinical observation, the physician will learn about the management of and the business aspects of a vein specialty practice. Topics include; how to build a referral network, how to work with insurance companies, how to market a vein practice using multiple modalities such as patient to patient marketing, traditional advertising, and the internet.

Up to Two Attendees Per Course: Bring an associate! Because there are many facets to vein care, some physician attendees have opted to bring an associate, a practice partner, or another clinical or administrative team member. We can accommodate two attendees who remain together or the two participants may be in separate areas as the day progresses. The course can be customized to focus on the particular area of interest for each participant.

Course Topics

  1. Conduct of Endovenous Ablation
    1. Case Observation over two days, ten or more Closure Procedures
    2. How we do Endovenous RF Ablation Didactic Session
  2. Sclerotherapy
    1. Observation as desired over two days
    2. Didactic session on Sclerotherapy
  3. Components a Vein Practice
    1. Front Office and Back Office
    2. Choosing the right staff
    3. Billing and Reimbursement
    4. Setting up in an existing practice or starting fresh
  4. Practice Marketing for Beginners
    1. Print Advertisements
    2. Setting Up a Website & Internet Campaign
    3. Mass Media
    4. Developing Referring Physicians for Vein Care
  5. Sonography
    1. Vein Sonography Examination and Interpretation
    2. Screening Assessment for Insufficiency
    3. Follow up Assessment
    4. Advanced topics, Perforator Vein Assessment
  6. First Steps
    1. Equipment
      1. What disposables are needed?
      2. Purchasing Medical Equipment
      3. Treatment Tables
      4. Must haves for the start up
    2. Conversion of an existing office
    3. Designing a Vein Practice Facility de novo.
    4. Satellite Office Concept

The Course Venue: The 2-day course is presented at the Maryland Vein Professionals Ambulatory Surgical Center in Columbia, Maryland. Located just 15 minutes from Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI), the newly built Ambulatory Surgical Center was designed specifically as a state of the art vein treatment center.

See our facility here: Office Tour

Course Materials: Attendees will receive a digital copy of all MVP Course Presentations, MVP Patient Educational Materials, A Clinical Image Archive, MVP Practice Marketing Materials including sample TV and Radio Ads, and MVP's Clinical Practice Forms.(Over 1 GB of valuable material!)

Meals: Lunch is included. Coffee and snacks are available throughout the day.

Accommodations: We recommend staying at The Hampton Inn, Columbia, Maryland, which is adjacent to MVP Ambulatory Surgical Center. (view fact sheet)

Course Dates: The two day course is scheduled to accommodate the attendee. Monday/Tuesdays are recommended. We will work to fit your schedule prefernce. Please contact Dr Calure via email at if specific dates are desired.

Booking the Course: You may book via phone 410-964-8346 and ask to speak to Sam or book with our Practice Administrator, Lindsay. Direct Line (443) 832-4233 Opt 5. For any questions lease contact Dr Calure via email at

Course Fee: The fee for the two-day program is $2,500 for up to two attendees. A deposit of $500 is required to reserve the desired dates and can be paid by credit card when the course is booked. Payment of the balance is due on arrival.

*Dr. Calure and Maryland Vein Professionals, LLC, reserve the right not to offer the course to any entity that Dr. Calure deems, at his sole discretion, to be a competitor. This includes but is not limited to any physician or representative of a physician licensed to practice medicine in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, or the District of Columbia.

MVP Physician Training Schedule

Day 1
7:45 am Introduction and Conference 1 How I Do Closure by Dr Calure
8:30 Closure Observation Case 1
Mapping Protocol
9:00 Closure Observation Case 2
10:15 Conference 2 Elements of a Successful Vein Practice
10:45 Closure Observation Case 3
12:00 pm Lunch Conference 3 Equipment Overview
12:30 Closure Observation Case 4 or Sclero or Sonography Observation
1:30 Closure Observation Case 5 or Sclero or Sonography Observation
3:00 Conference on Sclerotherapy
4:30 Closure Observation Case 6
6:00 Wrap Up
Day 2
7:00 am Conference 5 Our Website by Dr. Calure
7:30 Closure Observation Case 7 or Sclero or Sonography Observation
9:00 Closure Observation Case 8 or Sclero or Sonography Observation
10:15 Conference 5 Venous Sonography by Amy Thompson, RVT
10:45 Closure Observation Case 9 or Sclero or Sonography Observation
12:00 pm Lunch Conference 6 Practice Building Strategies for a New Vein Practice
12:30 Closure Observation Case 10 or Sclero or Sonography Observation
1:30 Closure Observation Case 11 or Sclero or Sonography Observation
3:00 Conference 7 Reimbursement by Kathy Johnson, Billing Coordinator MVP
4:30 Closure/Sclero/Sono Observation
5:45 Course Wrap Up First Steps to Take by Dr. Calure

Comments from course participants

John D. Baker, MD, FACC, FACP, FSCAI
Laguna Hills, CA

I have to say your course was absolutely incredible, one of the best instructional courses I've ever taken. Not only do you demonstrate and explain how to do venous procedures, with you and your great staff, you explain and demonstrate how to build a framework and roadmap for starting and creating a very successful vein practice from A to Z (i.e. staff, equipment, marketing, techniques, pitfalls and many more). I am eternally grateful for the knowledge you have shared. I would highly recommend your course to any provider wanting to add or switch to doing these procedures in their practice successfully. It was fantastic meeting you and thanks for all of the startup knowledge and contacts!"

Ryan Jones, D.O. General Surgeon, Phoenix, AZ

Prior to attending this two day course, I had some trepidation about starting a vein care practice. I’ve never received any formal education in starting a practice/business in my 13 + years of schooling and training until now. Dr. Calure has provided me a roadmap to starting a successful vein practice. With the information from the course I’ve identified many areas where I would have made several debilitating mistakes. Dr. Calure taught me how to avoid these common pitfalls. In addition, he has shared - from his vault of practice documents, videos, illustrations - the A to Z steps to get a practice up and running. The fear is gone and I am truly confident that I can build a successful vein practice.

In addition to practice building strategies he revealed his amazing techniques in performing RFA and phlebectomies. His style has been honed after many years of performing thousands of these ablations. I can’t imagine there being a more competent Surgeon with these procedures.

Thank you Dr. Calure for this invaluable experience and I will always remain in your debt.

Ryan Jones, D.O. General Surgeon, Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Chris Boyes, North Carolina

My name is Chris Boyes and I am a vascular surgeon in North Carolina. I recently attended the vein course offered by Dr Calure. This course was recommended to me by another colleague who attended the course 3 years ago.

The course offered by Dr Calure is nothing short of spectacular! The course content went way beyond the technical aspects of identifying and treating venous disease. As a vascular surgeon, I do treat a decent amount of venous disease. But even with this background, there were several aspects of the course that will clearly help to identify and treat venous patients in our program.

The real purpose for me attending the course was the information on building and marketing a vein practice. Many courses won't fully disclose their 'secret recipe'. Dr Calure is very candid and his program is completely transparent. He goes through everything from how he built the program starting day 1, all the mistakes he made with marketing and promotion of the program, all the things he did well with building the program, the business aspect of building and running a busy vein program. He will also provide a template and a timeline of how to build your own program.

There were so many amazing aspects of the program, it is difficult to go through the details on email. My colleague that attended his course 3 years ago followed Dr calure's template and now has just opened his 3rd satellite office!

The system works!

I look forward to the future. This course has definitely eased much of the anxiety often associated with starting a completely new service line.

I highly recommend this course.

I am unfamiliar with the other course you mentioned, but if I had to do it all over again, I would definitely attend this course again.

Hope this helps.


Chris Boyes

Dr. Mark Kim, Seattle WA

I have been in a vein practice since 2004 but the 2 days that I spent with Dr. Calure were so valuable. I learned things about the business of running a vein practice that I had never known before and am excited to implement. Thank you Dr. Calure for sharing your knowledge and experience with the vein community!

Dr. D.A. Vascular Surgery, Michigan

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for my visit to your clinic for vein training. The course far exceeded my expectations and it was certainly worth my time and expense. I didn't think it was possible to compact so much education into two days. The key elements of the course for me were the review of advertising/marketing, billing, practice management, materials management, perioperative assessment, postoperative management, and quality improvement. The highlight of the experience was the technical training and review of techniques for RFA of GSV, LSV and particularly the perforators. Although I recently completed a high volume endovascular training fellowship, your insights into percutaneous access were excellent and I plan to apply these principles to arterial cases as well as vein work. Your insights into the appropriate use of sclerotherapy as well as the technical aspects of it were also superb. Providing access to your practice tools and forms was an added bonus whose value far exceeds the price of the course. Having my vein clinic nurse along for the training as well was an added bonus that has helped ease application of this training in my vein clinic.

Thanks again

Dr. J.M. CV Surgeon, Maine

"I have had nearly two days to digest everything you taught me. I will start by saying I thought your course was excellent. Your office, directions and introduction were perfect. I had no problems finding the hotel or your outpatient clinic. Your clinic is aesthetically pleasing and welcomes people into it simply by it appearance.

You wasted no time showing me your procedure, introducing me to your staff and basically treating me as an important part of your day despite how busy you are. As far as the lectures and discussion between cases, I thought this was great. You allowed plenty of time for my questions and always had explanations. I appreciate all I learned at the dinner Monday night (internet marketing) and am still trying to figure out how I am going to utilize that in my day to day practice.

Your approach to venous insufficiency is refreshing because everyone else I had ever heard of doing this seemed to approach it through more of a cosmetic approach instead of the real medical condition it is. Clearly you approach your job with the enthusiasm of a cardiac surgeon and I really appreciated that.

You remain a cardiac surgeon in my eyes even though your energy is now channeled into being an entrepreneur and a world renowned venous closure expert. I really appreciate what you are doing and have recommended you to a number of people already including one of my partners here in Richmond.

I anticipate performing the procedure on a weekly basis in my practice but not making it my only surgical procedure. Although I will be honest after spending two days with you, the personal, professional, clinical and financial reward you are receiving from your practice emulates from every person in your practice, making it hard for me to want to stay in cardiac surgery. I am thinking about applying for a Maryland medical license. You can actually feel the happiness inside each of your staff members. Clearly your patients are happier than I have ever seen patients. I have never done any procedure in my life and had the patients so happy post op.

Please let each staff member know I appreciated their involvement in my learning and that they are working for a top notch professional, yourself, and a great clinical enterprise. Thank you for your time and feel free to share this with VNUS or anyone else you think is appropriate."

Dr. N.A. Intreventional Radiology


I cannot describe to you how enriching my experience at MVP was. A place where unparalleled knowledge, expertise and professionalism perfectly fits your team. Add to that a genuine blend of courtesy and savoir faire !

I truly am very impressed with your teaching abilities as well as your well versed business style.

I have trained and worked with some very prominent teachers but I can definitely attest that you are head and shoulders above everybody i've known.

Encore une fois, Mille merci mon cher ami. Reste en contact.

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