What Our Patients Are Saying About Us

These comments are from a few of our patient at MVP

Mary C

Just a note of thanks and sincere appreciation for all that you did to get my vein closure done when you did. I completed my first Iron Girl Triathlon 2 days ago and nailed it! My leg felt great and stayed strong throughout the entire swim/bike/run. When I came in for my initial consult with you, I mentioned that it was very important to me... It was a big accomplishment for me. My leg has felt so much better since then and it has really made a difference for me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Andrea B

I can't thank Dr. Calure enough for the success of my treatment. My leg hurt me so bad at time it kept me form doing the things that I love; running, ballet, and weights. I now feel 100% better and look 100% better than I have in years. This summer I will finally wear skirts!

Thanks again!

Nina H — Graysonville, MD

Having this procedure done has been the best experience I have had in years with a doctor. In only a few days, I have felt relief of pain that I have suffered with for years. Dr. Calure and his staff are the utmost of professionals. Thank you to all the doctors and staff. I will sing your praises everywhere, from work in Arlington, VA to my home on the eastern shore. You are the very best.

Juanita M

Dr. Calure, I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me. I am 32 years old and have had bad veins for most of my life- shorts short have always been something I've stayed away from. After only one visit from you and meeting with Mary, I left with tears in my eyes from the results of these visits. Thank you!

Janet P — Columbia, MD

The vein closure procedure was one of the best things I have done for years I have suffered with painful, swollen legs and ankles. The procedure was painless, and I saw results almost immediately my ankle swelling was reduced and the heaviness and pain in my legs decreased significantly. Even the spider veins on my calves and ankles shrank and faded. I have continued with sclero treatments and have seen even more improvement in how my legs look and feel. My ankles are an inch smaller and don't swell after a day on my feet (or even off my feet!) and the spider veins keep getting lighter and smaller. The treatment has even helped relieve the pain in my pelvic area from swollen veins. My legs are much less achy and painful as well. Everyone in Dr. Calure's office is wonderful as well as cheerful, friendly, and very pleasant. I highly recommend Dr. Calure and his staff to anyone considering vein treatment.

Thomas R — Forest Hill, MD

The veins in my legs hurt me daily, especially while standing or even sitting at the end of the day. I also had excessive swelling from fluid buildup. After talking to my mother, who recently had this procedure done, my fear level went from fear to confidence; for me to have the procedure myself. From the first day I entered Dr. Calure's office, I was treated with kindness, professionalism, and care. After living with pain and swelling for 20 years, after I had the procedure done, I have no pain, swelling, or visible bulging veins! I would high recommend this procedure to anyone that has these same issues! Thank you, Dr. Calure!

Marion M

What an amazing experience! I've had deep pain in my thighs that has worsened over the years to the point of almost unendurable. After this virtually painless, quick procedure I rose from the table and was pain free!! I didn't know how much pain I was in until it was gone. My surface veins have diminished and the few that are left I will have sclerotherapy. Oh, and this time all new research will make it permanent so that I will/do have the legs of my younger self.

Thank you Dr. Calure!

Andrew G — Columbia, MD

I came to Dr. Calure with severely varicosed veins in my right leg. The process of examination/ explanation was clearly pronounced and reassuring to me. Following on with the surgeries, both experiences were quick and painless. I know what was going on all the time (and the music wasn't bad either). Concluding with medical care at home was not overwhelming and manageable with aid of my spouse. In a matter of hours, my convalescent walking started paying off and continues as time progresses. Dr. Calure is sensitive, compassionate and very thorough and reassuring! Staff — ditto too!

Richard R — Bethesda, MD

I found the entire experience very easy and relatively painless. The staff was extremely professional and the facility clean and well equipped. Dr. Calure was very knowledgeable and skillful in the procedure. I found him to be very approachable and could count on him to answer any questions that arose, both during the procedure and the weeks after while I was recovering. They consistently ran on time for the procedure and my subsequent follow-up visits. I would highly recommend the procedure to anyone even remotely thinking about having it performed.

Richard E — Gaithersburg, MD

This clinic is the most professional and thorough medical facility that I have ever have visited. The entire medical team was a pleasure to be treated by and the result was outstanding. I would highly recommend the MVP to anyone in need of vein procedures.

Greg D

Worked Great! Very Little pain and only 3 hours missed at work. Now that this is fixed I'm finding a lot of discomfort I didn't realize was caused by bad veins is gone. My legs look and feel healthier.

Elvira R — Hyattsville, MD

This was the best decision in my life. I have ugly legs and a lot veins. They felt bad and tired all the time. I used to have big legs, now I have normal legs. I can do a lot of things, and feel good, not tired. Thank you doctor. I recommend anybody to do this.

Doug C

Outstanding work. Painless procedure which relieved the discomfort and visual signs of a traumatized vein. I would encourage anyone to have this procedure to relieve your problem.

Felecia S — District Heights, MD

I never for a second thought that I could have a procedure done that would make my legs feel so much better without major surgery. Dr. Calure was so gentle and explained every single step. He is so awesome. The office is very clean, you get great movies to choose from and not to mention the televisions are in a great location. Every young lady that I came in contact with was also so nice. Working for a doctor like this I can understand why. Great service, excellent bedside manner. I highly recommend this procedure with this doctor. Only the best for his patients. Thanks again!

Ruth C — Bethesda, MD

For about 10 years my left leg suffered from swelling and pain. I went to see several specialists and orthopedic doctors concerning this problem. I was told that I had a lymphatic drainage problem, water retention, and even that 'It is all in your mind.' One doctor suggested taking a diuretic to address this issue. I kept looking for an answer to my problem. One day someone told me about Dr. Calure. I went to see him. He did the Closure Procedure on my leg. The result was amazing. The swelling went away and I lost 5 pounds of water weight! I have a brand new leg and I love it! I would recommend this procedure to anyone who has leg swelling. You will be amazed at the results.

Arlene S — Columbia, MD

Immediately following the procedure I noticed that the pain I had been having in my leg was gone. The discomfort during the procedure was minimal and afterwards I felt very comfortable. The next morning I walked 2 miles with no difficulty, actually I felt better then I had in the past 2 months because the leg pain was gone.

The staff and Dr. Calure were very pleasant and professional, explaining the procedure along the way. Having a DVD to watch was detracting and made time go by faster. I highly recommend this procedure.

Paul H

My right leg has been feeling much better since having the vein closer procedure. I have had a relief of symptoms I did not even know were related to my varicose veins, such as restless legs and pain behind my knee. I am now considering having the procedure on my left leg, which shows signs of reflux.

Anne D

It has been six months since my surgery & one sclerotherapy treatment beginning September 2006, and I am pleased with my results. My main concern and reason for the closure procedure was pain, mainly in my right inner thigh, but getting more progressive in the left leg too; and swelling, that was not only masking the problems in my lower legs but getting worse as I aged. I am happy to report that the pain is, for the most part, non-existent now, and I have also benefited by some cosmetic change also. I always understood that I would have to follow-up with sclerotherapy but I can see about 50% improvement in the lower leg veins running down my shinbones 6 months post surgery. My greatest comfort, though, is the absence of the pain, tenderness, and heaviness in both my legs, which was constant and affecting my life. I feel my leg circulation is getting better and my legs feel stronger. I will be continuing my treatments with sclerotherapy going forward. I want to express a heartfelt thank you to the Maryland Vein Professionals team. I would also like to extend a second thank you for your patience and professionalism when it came to my care, fears, and insurance.

Madeline J

Incredible results! My legs are no longer swollen and bulging with blue puffy veins! I travel a lot and now my legs feel great after long plane rides. Thank you Maryland Vein Professionals

Tammy B

I am 35 yrs old and had the closure procedure on both of my legs. In one weeks time I have noticed many changes in my legs. I do aerobic exercise and my legs feel lighter (even with the stockings on). I lost 4lbs, due to the fluid in my legs that I was retaining prior to the procedure. I feel great and appreciate the wonderful care I have received! I wasn't expecting to see my veins already going away in such a quick time period. I can not thank you enough!!

Rose H — Columbia, MD

Thank You Dr. Calure for seeing the need for a Vein Procedure!

I was first introduced to your practice from an associate at work. She heard me talk about how painful my legs felt and how they hurt. I told her that I had seen another doctor and he said that there was nothing that he could do but give me a prescription for support hose and live with the pain. She told me to I should see you.

My associate showed me her legs after you had treated her and they looked beautiful. I told her that I need that doctor's name. Now that my treatment is complete I am very grateful that I came. The staff is wonderful and caring. Dr. Calure is wonderful. We need more of him around.

No more pain.

Michael Dolan

It's been nearly 3 months since my surgery and I am very pleased with the results. I'd been living with varicose veins in my left leg for the past 22 years, and finally, I decided to do something about it. The staff at Maryland Vein Professionals was great, and Dr. Calure made me feel confident and comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. I highly recommend Maryland Vein Professionals.

Jonathan H — Ellicott City, MD

I rode Saturday and Sunday last week (about 25 miles total) and was still feeling a bit of pressure at the top of the left leg even through the week, but I'm happy to report that after a 20 mile ride today things are feeling better. Both legs feel about the same and after 20 miles. The only thing out of the ordinary is that they feel as good as they do. Usually I won't go that far in a single ride this late in the season when I haven't been riding almost daily because my legs will feel like lead afterwards. I am still feeling a bit of pressure below the incision at my left knee but that is getting less and less. While modern science and medicine can explain what has transpired in my legs it doesn't take the miraculous factor out of the difference I've felt so far.

Leslie M

Thank you Dr. Calure! I've been struggling for decades and, after only having the closure just 1 week ago, I can see my ankles. I know the procedure was a success. Where were you 30 years ago? Thank you! I recommend you to anyone with varicose veins.

Ellen B — Glenwood, MD

I have had the procedure done on both legs and have noticed a tremendous difference in the way they feel.! During certain times of the month they were very sore and would throb… Since the procedure I have noticed a HUGE difference!

Lynn D

Surgery is a 'Piece of Cake.' I feel wonderful! Thank you so much Dr. Calure and staff for everything. My legs look fantastic! And feel so much better! Would highly recommend this procedure. Thank you again! P.S. Thank you for the pen too!

Joy S

I should have done this 10 years ago! My legs feel lighter and I can actually see my ankles again!

John M

Excellent care, very little pain. Everyone was very helpful and caring and knowledgeable. It was a very positive experience.

Gloria W — Woodstock, MD

I want to thank you for the care and treatment received when I had my varicose veins removed. The process was done with the utmost care and very little discomfort. I didn't realize how bad my legs looked, until I saw a before and after picture of my right leg. I again thank you for the care and thoughtfulness received from you and your staff.

Linda T — Crofton, MD

Thank You Dr. Calure. Since the night before my procedure my legs and feet cramping are completely gone. Also besides the swelling from the procedure which was very minimal. The swelling is also gone as is 5lbs according to the scale. I also in all my years of nursing or visiting Doctors offices I have never met a staff of prefessionals like the ones you have.

David R

The procedure was amazingly easy, and produced almost no discomfort, either during the procedure or the recovery. Dr. Calure answered my many questions and showed me things on the sonogram to help me understand…. In Just a few weeks there has been noticible improvement; less swelling, and according to my wife, a great improvement in their appearance.

Mary W

With great pleasure I had the opportunity to see Dr. Calure and his staff for vein closure on both legs. Nichelle and Ashley were both a wonderful combination of combination of efficiency and caring, always there to help a great bedside manner. Dr. Calure seemed to genuinely care about his patients and I hold him in high regard. I would hearty recommend Maryland Vein Professionals.

Tara W — Bethesda, MD

Since I had the surgery my shoes fit very well like normal. Now I can really tell the difference from before when I had the vein problem. I am so thrilled that Dr. Calure took care of my problem. And now I feel like normal again. Thanks, Dr. Calure!

Natasha K — Landsdown, MD

My problems started about three years ago, but recently my legs were showing more and more signs of reflux. I had 'ting' sensations where spider veins were appearing and little 'pangs' where blue vessels were surfacing. I found Dr. Calure on the net. To tell the truth, I was very skeptical of 'reflux' and Closure. (I guess I could have read a bit more but the procedure scared me.) I was so very nervous my first visit, but Dr. Calure was soothing. He gave me a movie to watch, and I was still very weirded out after the procedure. My right leg was much easier. I was not as nervous. After procedures my legs were numb to the tough, so I e-mailed Dr. Calure and he promptly responded! I cannot say enough that Dr. Calure is so kind. Ok. One week later-just one- and I have finally inspected my leg. I took the tights seriously. You cannot tell that I even had problems on my left leg. I don't feel 'tings' or 'pangs'. I am 24 and I had bad reflux, but Dr. Calure took care of it. I also cannot say 'thank you Dr. Calure' enough.

Sharon R

After years of dealing with blood clots , Restless les, pain, and swelling, consistently being told by ER physicians and family doctors that nothing short of drastic vein stripping can be done; finally my legs are pain free. I was able to feel what walking on an elliptical feels like when your feet don't fall asleep after 5 minutes. The varicose veins are completely gone. The edema at the end of the day has vanished and the ruddy purple discoloration in the ankle area has returned to normal skin color. I have already recommended Dr. Calure & the procedure to family, co-workers, and my workplace health center's public health service nurse. Thank you. You have made a drastic positive impact on my quality of life.

Valerie C

The next day after VNUS Closure on my left leg, I felt some relief. The right leg which had not been done yet actually caused me more discomfort. Within one day, the heaviness and aching that I had grown accustom to had subsided. I have had the 'Traditional' vein removal procedure twice before and I'm finding VNUS Closure much better with and easier recovery. I recommend this improved method with dealing with uncomfortable varicose veins and would do it again if necessary.

Than N — Columbia, MD

Dear Dr. Calure,
This note is to sincerely thank you for your compassionate understanding and unrelenting patience while treating my varicose veins. You are the only M.D. who transferred your office calls to your cell phone after hours so we patients can talk to you any time with our questions. It was such a relief to be able to speak with my doctor directly after hours.

Mary, your sonographer is as cheerful and compassionate as an angel can be. The same goes for your smiling receptionist! What a staff you have!

May God bless you and your wife and children, and your staff.

Iris R

Ahhh- the joy of warm gel. A nice comfortable recline chair. Your choice of any number of DVDs to watch while the doctor and his a assistance are busy working their magic. Speaking of Dr. Calure-GREAT! He also has a wonderful staff – kind, informative, helpful, and sweet too! A toughly and enjoyable experience- I mean – If you have to have vein surgery done, this is the place!!

Tim R

This is commending the office of Dr. Calure. Everyone in his office is very friendly and professional. My first impression was when I visited his web site and found it to be very informative. First impressions are very important, however when you first get to his office you are greeted by Fallon. She is most charming and eases all Fears before going to the back. Once you are in the back, the rest of the staff was found to be 2nd to none in the way they treat patients. Then in came Dr. Calure and again it was a relaxed atmosphere.

On the day of the procedure everyone gave me lots of reassurance. However, my mind still brought me some fear and apprehension. There was no Pain. Pain is what I had before the procedure. In fact, I walked out after the procedure with no discomfort. I have and will continue to recommend Dr.Calure and this procedure. To Dr. Calure, Fallon and the rest of the Staff: Keep up the good work. If every doctor's office was staffed like this one nobody would have a fear of doctor's offices.

Caroline S

My visits to Maryland Vein professionals were always positive and pleasurable. All aspects of my treatment were clearly defended and explained alleviating any worries I could have drummed up. The staff has always been professional and pleasant even going as far as to hold my hand (so to speak) during the procedure and with the insurance company. Dr. Calure is fantastic! Anyone who can tolerate my sense of humor and worries deserves a medal. I truly appreciated his patience and care.

Roy V

I came in with no expectations and left very happy! The staff treated me extremely well. The surgery was not as painful as you would think it would be! Most of all I am happy that I can wear shorts again! I haven't worn any for the lat ten years. Thank you again to the DR. and staff for restoring my legs as close to normal as they can get at my age!

Deborah D

Dr. Calure and his staff were wonderful from scheduling my appointment to having the procedure done. Dr. Calure was always available for any questions that I had. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone because you get wonderful care at Maryland Vein Professionals.

Diane D

Initially, I was skeptical of the relief I was told I would have in getting the procedure done. My first leg was done a month and a half ago with the second leg following 3 days later. At 45 days out- I have almost no residual pain and complete relief from the pain I experienced for many years while sitting or walking. The heaviness has gone away as well as the shooting, sharp, pains I have lived with for over 20 years. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who has experienced these symptoms. Thank you Dr. Calure!

Shala A

I was impressed by Dr. Calure's skills, attention to detail, standard if hygiene and over all professionalism. However, I was most impressed by his style and mannerism, a way of working with the patient' rather than 'working on the patient'. The ability to enter this realism of physician-patient relationship (rare, indeed), along with Jonathans enthusiasm for his profession, and business creates a safe environment reduces the normal anxieties of anticipating a medical procedure. I have already referred friends to see him.

Sandra G — Silver Spring, MD

'Cuando Comense mi tratamiento eataba cam un poco de miedo. Si el trutamiento Ibu funcionar y pensando que me iba a doler. Pero no tube ningun dolor y fue muy rapido todo elproceso. Y las asistentes son muy a mables y le esplican muy bien todo el proceso y a la semana e notado que mis picnas no meduelen y e podido dormer. Muy bien este tratamiento se lo recomindo a todas las personas y mis amigas y familiars. Estoy muy a gradesida con el Dr. Calure.'

Flavia D

The whole experience was great. The staff and Dr. Calure have treated me with the utmost care and courtesy. The procedure itself was far less painful than expected and the recovery was easy and painless. I would recommend the VNUS procedure and Dr. Calure's practice to anyone experiencing varicose veins (reflux) problems. Thank you for everything! You did a great job and managed to make the whole experience enjoyable and fun.

Patrice W

After Closure, I noticed that my flexibility improved enormously in the leg that was treated. This was especially important for my yoga practice. Now I have a greater range of motion in my left leg and my hip flexor, which really helps both my standing and seated poses.

Jame P

Boy, was this a pleasant experience! From the very beginning all of my questions were answered, all of the procedures were explained and treatment was painless. After a month of recovery, I realized just how good I felt. I haven't felt this good in years. Now I can play tennis and exercise without pain. Keep up the good work MD Vein Professionals.

Don F

My experience was excellent. I am very pleased with the results of my vein treatment, as my problem was quite severe. Dr. Calure and his staff were outstanding in their professional and friendly approach to my problem and treatment. I would highly recommend Dr. Calure for treatment for vein problems

Brandy F

I have work in retail for 15 years. I have always thought the discomfort and swelling in my legs was normal; due to being on my feet 10 + hours a day. In September 2006 I had the procedure or closure of my saphenous vein. I felt an immediate improvement in how my legs felt. I did not immediately have sclerotherapy to treat my spider veins. I waited. It was a good decision because my spider veins did not worsen and some even went away. Sclerotherapy is the icing on the cake. The immediate results are awesome.

Michael V

I am a hairdresser and stand 14 hours a day. My legs used to ache at the end of the day…. Now I feel no pain or tiredness. I feel like I have new legs. Thanks Dr. Calure!!

John P — Ijamsville, MD

Prior to the closure procedure, I would experience burning and weakness in my legs. I also suffered from restless leg syndrome frequently. With One Closure procedure by Dr. Calure, the burning and weakness disappeared and the protruding veins disappeared in six weeks. I would recommend Dr. Calure and this procedure very highly.

Robyn H

I had the Closure procedure on February 20th 2007 and February 21st, It has been one month today. I am sleeping better then I have in years. On my frist night, the only leg that I had pain in was the one that hadn't been done yet. The left leg was first and the one with the most problems. The area on the leg where the closure was performed had some bruising and was just a little tender at worst. The right leg went well. I believe that the closure procedure has helped with my restless legs and PMDD symptoms. I can finally get in bed and go to sleep! Before I would get in bed and my legs would hurt and move and I would have to get out and rub them. I had a hard time falling asleep and I felt tired all day. I've always had PMS as a young woman; I am now 53 and it has moved on to PMDD. I would swell all over the first two day and all I felt like doing was lying down. This was like me at all.

My experience at Maryland Vein Professional was great! Dr. Jonathan Calure was honest, he made sure I new where he was in the procedure and what I was going to feel at the time. This was so easy to fix and the results are Amazing!!!!!!!!! I am now back at the YMCA working out, swimming, running, and just having fun again. THANK YOU Dr. Calure!

Sandra B

My story may be a bit unusual because I was only 'surfing the net' for cosmetic spider vein removal. When I read about the constellation of symptoms associated with puerperal vascular disease (restless leg syndrome, sever cramps, aching legs and feet) I was Astonished & mad an appointment right away since I was moving to California in two weeks.

Dr. Calure diagnosed the need for this procedure showing me exactly what the problem was via Doppler study. The procedures were nearly painless (and I got to watch two great movies) and everything was explain thoroughly. The nursing and office staff were friendly, organized and efficient I'm VERY HAPPY I came across that website! Thank you Dr. Calure!!!

Kimberly J

I am extremely pleased with my results. My legs felt better within one day of the procedure. I have been recommending Dr. Calure to all who are interested in vein treatment. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Calure's knowledge. He is a great doctor.

Nancy M

I thank my daughter Noel for sending me here. It hasn't been quite 2 weeks since my first closure and already I'm going up two flights of stairs without pain. I am looking forward to even better days. The closure was very easy and the movies were great. Thank you all again, everyone has been so nice. God bless you all.

Iam B

Fullness & hot areas of Lower legs have been reduced to almost nothing. Leg tiredness has also abated.

Bruce M

Both procedures went great. I really felt almost immediate relief from pain and my enlarged veins disappeared very quickly. The hardest thing was choosing a movie and not being able to do crunches. Thank you.

Patricia J

Ever since I was about 10 years old I have always been embarrassed of the blue and green vein in the bend of my knee and on my thighs. I always wore long shorts because I didn't want anyone to see those. My whole life and my embarrassment changed the day I read about Maryland Vein Professionals in the Woman's Journal. I had to tear the article out and get my courage up and call. What a life changing call that was. I had a consult scheduled- Dr.Calure was awesome. I was so excited to have finally found a procedure that would cure my embarrassment. My legs look great!! I might even get the courage to wear some 'daisy Duke shorts' LOL

Lisa R

Dr. Calure and his expert staff were professional and delightful. The explanation for the procedure was clear, and everything went as smoothly as promised. I had both legs treated a week apart, and I was up after each treatment, taking my three mile walk the same day! I would recommend Dr. Calure for the Closure Procedure to anyone who has vein disease. It makes a world of difference in how your legs feel.

Selvin M

I am very pleased with the procedure. I can feel the improvement already and the most amazing thing is that I had a problem with my left foot and since the procedure, it is gone! Dr. Calure and his staff are extremely nice. Very caring! Overall, I'm very happy with everything!!

Erika M

Within three weeks post treatment, I noticed that the hypersensitivity in my inner calves was gone. My mysterious bruises have disappeared as well. I used to get huge, unsightly bruises on my legs and I never knew where they came from. Now that I have good circulation in my legs, my tendency to bruise is gone.

Harold M — Silver Spring, MD

I am happy with the procedure. There was very little discomfort. I was able to walk immediately after the procedure. I am a police officer and was able to return to active duty the very next day. The swelling went down immediately in my leg and the numbness went away. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Calure and his staff. They explained the procedure thoroughly and made me fell very comfortable and confident in their ability to solve my varicose vein problem. I am so pleased with the results that I am telling everyone...Thank you Dr. Calure

Veronica D

Thanks to my specialist!

My name is Veronica Day and I am a patient of Maryland Vein Professionals. I suffered from restless legs, tired legs and a heavy sensation in both legs. I have had one leg treated so far. (I had my first leg treated yesterday am now about to have the second leg treated.) I noticed that had great relief overnight in the treated leg. (Last Night) The treated leg felt nothing but comfortable, but the untreated leg gave me a fit! If you have ever suffered with the disease, you know it can not really be described in the fullest.

Laurence M

My varicose veins were a result of a knee operation on my left leg done about 12 years ago. The veins looked progressively worse over time. Also a redness on the top of my foot developed. The vein closure procedure was essentially painless and was completed in under an hour. After a month my leg looks significantly improved and the redness on top of my foot has disappeared. I consider the treatment a complete success and I thank the whole team for their care.

Marian D

The vein procedure and treatment was painless because of the thorough care, soft lighting, interesting conversation and calming music. I did not have a day of pain or discomfort during the days following the surgery. From the initial consultation, to the actual surgery and each follow-up visit was professional and comfortable. The care that I received from Dr. Calure and his entire staff has been a tremendous experience.

Ann B — Upper Marlboro, MD

Dr. Calure and his staff are so caring and friendly. I really enjoyed my experience at the facility. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who is in need of vein closure. Again, thank you so much for making me feel comfortable.

Kathy A

The pain in my legs are gone. I can easily walk up a set of stairs… pain free. It's amazing! I love these guys. Dr. Calure is wonderful and he also has a great staff.

Connie K

Dear Dr. Calure
I want to extend my special thanks to you for your kind consideration concerning my surgical procedure and the expenses that I would incur.

It's not very often that you come across a doctor who is willing to go the extra mile for a patient and so I would like you to know how much I appreciate your doing this for me.

I plan to tell everyone I know about this new procedure with the hope that they will consider you if need be. You and your friendly office staff move things along with ease and efficiency.

Hopefully my health plan will make things as easy for you as you apply to become a provider in that plan. Looking forward to hearing from you in the new year ahead.

Thanks again and may God richly bless you.


Kathryn K

Before the Closure I used to get leg cramps. They were so bad I could not walk. But now I feel like I have new legs!

Joseph H

I started having circulatory problems which inhibited much of my physical activity. I suffered from foot swelling, itching and severe varicose veins. After seeing many doctors, and no treatment corrected the problem, it was Dr. Calure who diagnosed the vein problem. He advised ablation of the leaky vein. This was done on an outpatient basis. As he predicted, the foot swelling subsided, the leg pain disappeared, and the veins themselves are fading away. My ability to walk has improved; I can now walk my dog a half mile or more. This is a very professional organization with a specialty staff that is at the top of their professions. They are very patient-oriented.

Diana M — Hanover, MD

Today I am feeling great after my Closure Procedures. I was in pain before, I couldn't workout the way I wanted because of the pain I was experiencing. After my treatment, I feel like I have a new life; I don't have pain or discomfort. My legs look better and feel better. I am sooo glad I did this for myself and for my health.

Karen C — Littlestown, PA

One month after my closure and my vein is closed. Those large varicose vein bumps are gone and I am so pleased. Dr. Calure is so gentle and kind. He talked with me and put me at ease immediately. I had closure done a year ago by another physician but the vein didn't stay closed. Dr. Calure explained why and showed me how he does the procedure. The entire staff is wonderful. I even watched a movie during the procedure! Thank you Dr. Calure!!

Virginia M — Elkridge, MD

My experience was a positive one. The staff was efficient and friendly. The procedure was basically painless. The overall feel of the office was one of comfort and knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Calure makes himself available to you at all times- a variety in this day.

Susan G2 — Randallstown, MD

I have had a truly enjoyable experience. After waiting years to address my terrible veins, I came in for a consultation and was comforted by the level of information and reassurance I was given. Dr. Calure and the staff deliver their treatments and follow-ups with every consideration for their patient's comfort, health, and well-being. I love them all!

Pamela B — Davidsonville, MD

I found that the entire staff was warm, helpful and caring. This condition in both my legs was not only painful but was an embarrassment that I wasn't able to endure anymore. I highly suggest anyone with this condition to seek treatment as soon as possible. It is painless and quick.

Patty P — Odenton, MD

I received my first treatment on my right leg on Thursday, January 31, 2008. I constantly would have pain in this leg. I am a letter carrier and wait tables a couple nights a week so I am always on my feet. The last two days have been wonderful, pain free!!! Don't wait any longer, get the treatment done and enjoy your life more.

Susan H — Potomac, MD

My experience has been outstanding from the procedure to the follow-up. It is so wonderful to not have painful, achy legs that throb at night. I had minimal discomfort during the procedure and for very shortly after. After the third night, I realized my legs no longer ached. It is truly amazing. Knowing now what this entailed this has been something I put off far too long. Dr. Calure and his team are to be commended; and I thank you!

Lisa C — Bristow, VA

I have been waiting for the opportunity to have my legs relieved of the pain and appearance for many years. After researching different options, I found Maryland Vein Professionals. My experience was a complete success. The staff and doctor are like family and I would highly recommend this procedure to everyone. In fact I have! I only wish I would have completed this procedure earlier in life. I will be thrilled to wear skirts and shorts this summer. Thank you for everything.

Mary Ellen M — Ellicott City, MD

I have lived with varicose veins most of my adult life and learned to live with the daily pain. I visited Dr. Calure and decided to try the therapy on my worst leg. Within 24 hours after the closure procedure, I noticed a dramatic improvement in the pain that I had lived with daily. No longer does my leg hurt to touch. I am now receiving the treatment on my second leg. I wish that I had done this procedure sooner and want to thank Dr. Calure and his staff for a wonderful improvement in my life.

Bruce M — Baltimore, MD

I have been having treatment at MD vein for about 1 ½ years. Mary has been doing my sclerotherapy and I have never seen anyone so adept and knowledgeable. She is great and very generous with her time- I'm almost sorry I'm about finished with treatment- Thank you.

Gay B — Sykesville, MD

Dr. Calure and his team are miracle workers when it comes to treating varicose veins. He is a very calm and reassuring doctor who explains everything and he is also very gentle and painless. His team of vein specialists are also outstanding. They all have taken the time to explain everything and are very helpful. Thank you to everyone for giving me a normal legs again!

Paul Z — Washington, D.C., DC

OUTSTANDING JOB!! I will tell everyone about my visits to MD Vein Professionals. Very friendly staff, Great music…thanks for the new leg

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