Summary of Treatment

Varicose Veins: These veins are the bulgy, rope like veins about 1/4" of an inch or larger. The treatment in most cases begins with Vein Closure, (a.k.a. Venefit). This medical treatment is done in our office and is you are door to door in about an hour. Treatment is covered by most insurance and you return to normal activity the same day! Click here for more information about Vein Closure.

Spider Veins: These veins are smaller and appear as purple or blue threads. The treatment for spider veins is called sclerotherapy. This treatment is usually cosmetic in nature and we offer 30 minute and 60 minute treatment sessions. Before we recommend sclerotherapy we will check with ultrasound to be sure a deeper vein problem is not present. Click Here for more information about Sclerotherapy.

Before we recommend any treatment you will meet with a provider for a screening. Click Here to schedule a Free Screening.

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