Sclerotherapy to Remove Your Spider Veins

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment for Telangiectasia or "Spider Veins". This treatment involves the injection of a medication into the spider veins that acts to scar the vessel closed. This has the effect of making the veins disappear. The blood then re-routes into healthier vessels to restore the correct flow pattern. The advantage of Sclerotherapy is that the medication flows along the natural course of the diseased vein below the skin where it is visible, to areas not reached with topical laser treatments. As the veins are injected they appear to erase. It is fairly easy to visualize what has been treated or what needs further treatment.

Sclerotherapy Video

Spider veins present as small webs of red, purple or blue clusters or lines disfiguring the skin surface, while the larger varicose veins appear as dark blue veins or bulging distended ropes beneath the skin. Some vein disorders are not always visible and require use of ultrasound to confirm the presence of the disease. While these veins are not usually life threatening, they can disrupt and interfere with a person's comfort or style of living.

Conservative treatments include heavy support hose, anti-inflammatory medications, and leg elevation. This disease is not as yet curable; however with proper treatment, the progressive nature of vein disease can be slowed and controlled. We evaluate many patients who present for treatment of spider veins, who have had these treated where only cosmetic appearance was addressed, only to see reappearance after 6-12 months. Worse still, some who opt only for superficial treatments of leg spider veins exchange the veins for dark blotches in the skin. The underlying problem is never considered or treated. A careful specialist ultrasound evaluation may show a deeper source of reflux in a larger source vein.

We offer minimally invasive treatment options like VNUS Closure to address the larger source veins. Once any underlying large vein insufficiency has been excluded or treated, Sclerotherapy is the treatment of choice to address the most superficial skin veins. Venous blood pattern is meant to course up the body to return the blood to the liver and kidneys for cleansing. The veins are the pathway that carries the toxins away from the cells of the body. The arteries bring good nutrition and oxygen to the cells of the body. Veins have one-way valves in them to prevent the blood from falling, (refluxing), in a backwards flow. When the vessels are diseased these valves are unable to close properly and the blood is allowed to reflux and become stagnant. This accounts for the symptoms that can occur, as cells are unable to rid themselves of the toxins. Sclerotherapy closed these diseased skin veins and blood is rerouted to healthy veins. Patients commonly note symptom relief with treatment.

As with any procedure, the experience of the provider will greatly influence both treatment results and the experience of the patient during treatment. Our team of sclerotherapists has over 40 year of combined nursing experience. They are dedicated to your results. Their only role in our practice is to perform sclerotherapy.

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