Standing Vein Disease

Can Standing on Your Feet All Day Lead to Vein Disease?

Standing Vein Diseas

There are some activities and jobs which require that people stand for long periods of time. Unfortunately, standing for long periods of time can increase the risk of developing vein-related medical complications.

What Is "Vein Disease?"

Vein Disease is any complication, injury or disease involving your veins. Veins bring de-oxygenated, nutrition-depleted blood back to the heart and lungs for replenishment.

Unfortunately, such blood must travel a long way and must pass through special one-way valves that, when healthy, keep blood from drifting back into veins; when unhealthy, it can drop back and collect or pool in the legs (i.e., "venous reflux")

When these special valves become damaged or dysfunctional, one or more of these medical complications/diseases can develop:

Standing Vein Diseas

Vein disease, in turn, can exacerbate, lead to or often be concomitant with these often serious symptoms or complications:

What do these symptoms have in common?

Standing Vein Diseas

The root cause of the above mentioned symptoms or complications is the venous insufficiency that occurs when there is lack of efficient blood flow out of the superficial and or deep vein systems f the leg. The mechanical cause of this condition is valve failure in the leg veins. In the case of RLS, for example, it's believed that the impetus to move one's leg may be the result of the body sensing and trying to "shake off" excess of blood pooling (because of faulty valves) in the veins. Furthermore, standing for long periods increases pressure on veins, thus leading to their becoming weak/dilated.

What Professions Are Most at Risk?

Some of the people most likely to be affected by vein disease due to having to stand all day include teachers, health care personnel, military & law-enforcement personnel; waiters & waitresses; baristas; retail professionals; drivers, airline personnel etc. The ironic thing is that sitting all day may be as bad, if not worse.

For that reason, when possible, these jobs should be amended to allow for frequent breaks and changes of position.

What are the treatment options?

Standing Vein Diseas

For those persons who remain vulnerable (ostensibly because of their jobs) to vein disease, Maryland Vein Professionals want them to know that the following preventive measures and treatment options are available:

  1. Graduated Compression Stockings
  2. Medications (aspirin, antibiotics for infections, moisturizers, steroid creams, etc.)
  3. Losing weight if needed;
  4. Exercising regularly (since healthy muscles improve circulation);
  5. Elevating the legs above the heart periodically;
  6. Sclerotherapy (injection of a chemical to deactivate diseased veins);
  7. Thermal Ablation, i.e., Vein Closure(obliterates refluxing veins with light energy);
  8. Microphlebectomy
  9. Compression wraps or bandages/dressings (for ulcers, etc.);
  10. In Rare cases Vein Stripping surgery may be the last resort.

If your profession requires that you must stand for long periods of time, you may be one of the millions of people who each year develops symptoms of vein disease.

Vein disease can lead to serious complications. However, the vein experts at Maryland Vein Professionals are able to diagnose and treat all forms of venous disease. Call to schedule your consultation today or book online now at


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