The Varithena® Procedure

Varithena Endovenous Microfoam injection is a new, safe and effective, minimally invasive treatment for varicose veins. Maryland Vein Professionals added this novel treatment in 2018 as an alternative to microphlebectomy, the traditional treatment where varicose veins are removed through small incisions. After an MVP board-certified Surgeon injects Varithena® foam into your varicose veins, the veins will collapse and then seal over the coming weeks. There is no need for incisions, the treatment is completed in minutes, and treatment is covered by most medical insurance plans, including Medicare.

How does Varithena® work?

Our Board Certified Surgeon uses ultrasound to guide the injection of the Microfoam into the target veins. The foam fills the veins, clearing the veins, and causes the veins to collapse. The veins seal and reabsorbs into the body during the following weeks.

What happens to the blood flow in the veins?

When the malfunctioning vein collapses, blood flow shifts to healthier veins nearby.

What is treatment like?

Treatment with Varithena® is minimally invasive and patients report little or no discomfort with treatment. There may be a brief stinging sensation when the foam is injected. No incisions are required. We will wrap the treated leg with a special compression wrap Our patients will walk out of the office and return to work or regular activity the same day.

How long does treatment take?

It usually takes the Surgeon only a few minutes to administer Varithena®. Patient's door to door times are usually just over an hour.

What kind of activity is recommended after treatment?

We encourage light aerobic activity on the day of treatment. Examples include walking on a level surface, elliptical machine at low resistance and low incline, recumbent bicycle, or regular biking on a level, paved surface. Swimming may resume three days following the treatment. Dancing is permitted, but no jumping or impact. If you must sit (i.e., computer work) or stand continuously (i.e., grocery sales associate) for 90 minutes we advise a 5-10 minute break to walk and/ or elevate the legs. Avoid running, jumping, high impact sports and potential trauma to the legs. Avoid straining the legs or abdomen, examples include heavy weight lifting, sit ups, crunches, squats, leg presses, and lunges. Avoid Yoga or Pilates for two weeks. You may engage in intimate activity but avoid pressure on the treated veins. Unrestricted activity may resume after 4 weeks. For any other specific questions about activity restrictions, please ask your surgeon.

How many treatments might I need?

This will depend on how many veins are present. It is not uncommon to have one session per leg. Additional treatment may be needed, depending on the number and size of veins to be treated. Please discuss this with your MVP Provider.

Will my insurance cover treatment?

Insurance carriers may cover varicose vein treatment. Coverage may depend on the anatomy and the severity of the varicose veins and symptoms. At your appointment, we will be able to help you understand your coverage.

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