VenaSeal™ Vein Treatment at Maryland Vein Professionals

About the VenaSeal™ Closure System

Maryland Vein Professionals now offers the VenaSeal™ closure system. The VenaSeal™ closure system is a new treatment approach that uses a proprietary medical adhesive that seals diseased veins without the use of foaming agents or heat. The adhesive used in the VenaSeal™ closure system closes the diseased vein permanently. The treated vein eventually breaks apart, and nearby tissue absorbs the remnants. The body routes blood through other healthy veins.

Before performing VenaSeal™, your physician will numb the site where he or she will access your vein. Your physician will then insert a thin flexible tube, known as a catheter, into the vein. The catheter will be used to deliver small amounts of adhesive along the length of the diseased vein. During the procedure, our vein specialists will use ultrasound to guide the placement of the adhesive. After the procedure, your physician will remove the catheter and put a small bandage over the insertion site.

Immediately after VenaSeal™, our team will have you walk. Gentle walking helps stimulate circulation, promote healing and optimize the outcome of the procedure. You may need to avoid strenuous activity and exercise for one week following the procedure.

VenaSeal™ is a minimally invasive procedure, which means it does not require stitches. Our specialists perform the VenaSeal™ closure system in our outpatient clinics, so you can go home the same day as the procedure.

Treated veins will disappear over the course of a few weeks, as body tissues absorb the remnants of the treated veins.

For more information about the VenaSeal™ closure system, or to find out if this vein treatment approach is right for you, make an appointment to see one of our doctors at Maryland Vein Professionals for an evaluation and consultation.

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