What to Expect

When you first call us at Maryland Vein Professionals, a practiced concierge will answer all of your questions, check your insurance coverage and schedule your appointment. The bottom line, we want your legs to look and feel their best.

If you register for a formal evaluation, during your first visit you will have an ultrasound by a technician like me who will use the device to look under your skin. The doctor will then read the results and determine whether you have venous insufficiency, and decide which treatment plan is best for you.

On the day of your procedure, one of our board certified surgeons will go through the procedure with you, explain what we're going to do, answer all of your questions, and perform your vein treatment procedure. After the procedure, we'll answer all of your questions, help you get your stockings on, and get you on your way.

You'll walk out immediately after your procedure and return to work or your daily activities. I even worked out the very next day.

If you have unsightly spider veins, one of our experienced sclerotherapists will perform a quick, effective treatment to eliminate your unwanted spider veins. Our sclerotherapy team has over forty years of experience, and has treated thousands of satisfied patients.

If you have any insurance questions, we are here to answer them. For varicose vein procedures, we accept most major insurance providers including Medicare.

For your follow-up exam, we'll use our ultrasound to look at your legs, see how the treated veins are healing, and answer any questions you may have.

Welcome to Maryland Vein Professionals.

For a free vein screening, call Maryland Vein Professionals at 1-800-VARICOSE, that's 1-800-VARICOSE. Call 1-800 VARICOSE for your free vein evaluation.

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